Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Pie Jesu

Oil on Canvas
with Palette Knife
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Our choir has the privilege to sing John Rutter's Requiem this spring. One of my favorite pieces in this work is Pie Jesu. The full text in english is:

Blessed Jesus, 
Lord I pray,
in Thy mercy,
Grant them rest.
Grant them rest eternal.
Lord our God,
I pray Thee,
Lord our God, 
We pray Thee,
Grant them everlasting rest.

It is a beautiful song with haunting undertones overcome by ascending grace. The song makes a most beautiful prayer. To paint it, I wanted to capture the mixture of deep longing, communal faith and brilliant hope. The painting is also a theological mix of interaction between a community of faith and God. The highest and most beautiful parts of the soprano solo are represented with the bright yellow streak ascending upward. It makes for a nice blending of both personal and corporate prayer. 

Although a requiem is mainly intended for loved ones who have passed on, the song and the painting are an expression for all prayers—especially prayers for intercession and peace.

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