Wednesday, July 21, 2010


A late summer afternoon on a dock at Tim’s Ford Lake. That’s the setting for this plein air painting. This is our family spot on the lake. We visit here every summer. At this place, our family retreats to fellowship, splash around and unwind from life’s hectic pace. In the late after noon, after the boats have returned to their docks, the lake quickly settles down to a calm that is guaranteed to bring peace and serenity to one’s soul. The orange, setting sun makes the colors dance on the water. This is my favorite time on the lake. This is the time I like to sneak away from the family, head down to the dock, for a retreat of my own. My moment of solitude. Our Lord is wise to have us take a sabbath. We all need to take time for God’s peace to calm our lives. To ditch the cell phones, emails and facebook posts. But I also believe God calls us to deeper sabbaths of solitude. Where the body, soul, and spirit are all still. A moment in time where there is no one else but yourself and God. It helps us to refresh our core self and live life more in keeping to the way of love. Unfortunately, I don’t get to spend too much time at my place of solitue on the lake. There are too many kids to get dry and meals to be prepared. But I always look forward to this time and place, even if just for a brief moment.