Wednesday, September 4, 2013


6"x6" Oil on Gessoed Panel
with Palette Knife

And now for something completely different. On a family hike, my youngest daughter was very interested in the mushrooms along the trail. She loved their shapes and colors. This one was particularly striking. It reminds me of a real life version of Nintendo's Super Mario "Power-Up" mushrooms. It certainly packs a punch as a painting.


  1. I see these lovely red mushrooms when I'm out and about walking - I like to think of them as little fairy stools!

  2. I just posted my Day #4 painting, and had to stop by after seeing the painting you posted.

    This mushroom is beautiful and magical! The colors are wonderful. My daughter loves looking for little mushrooms while hiking, too.

    Happy Painting.

  3. Lovely - I half expect it to break out in a little dance, like a Disney mushroom would!