Friday, September 5, 2014

Little White Duck

6"x6" Oil on Panel
with Palette Knife

30 Paintings in 30 Days: September, 2014—Day 5

Throughout the month, I will be painting subjects related to bringing awareness for Heifer Internaitonal

Ducks are very useful animals. They are easy to raise, don't need much shelter, and are happy in hot, wet or cold weather. They find much of their food like snails, bugs and weeds. Ducks can give us meat, eggs and warm feathers for a family to sell or use in their clothing.

I hope you take a moment to visit the Heifer Internaitonal website and learn more about ending world hunger "The Heifer Way."


  1. Nicely done, Mike. Lovely composition, and I love the texture of the thick paint. Bravo!

    1. Thank, Robert. I've been enjoying your birds as well. They are so expressive and full of character. Very nice!

  2. I came to applaud your painting, and now that I am here, I am also applauding your theme..

    1. Thank you , Meredith. I don't have enough material to last a whole 30 days of Heifer subjects, but I hope for the theme to be at least a good chunk of it. I really enjoyed your Days 1 and 3 paintings. Best of luck with the rest of your 30!