Saturday, December 30, 2017

Best of 2017

It all started to come together for me in 2017. I began the year by discovering a new voice with abstract landscapes. I also had many challenging commissions and plein air adventures. Here are my top paintings and self-awards for 2017:

From the top left:

Most Groundbreaking Painting: Winter Wandering - Too cold to paint plein air, I took a walk and came back to the studio to paint an impression of a frosty January day. This painting began my journey in a new direction in abstract painting. This was my first painting of 2017.

Most Compliments Yet Not Sold: Silent Sentinels - This new landscape abstract received the most "I love this one" while no one has yet decided to actually make a purchase. It is available here:

Painting Of The Year: Psalm 23 - My personal favorite creation of 2017.

Most Famous Buyer: Evenfall - This little plein air from Radnor Lake was purchased at a show by a well know local news anchor. 

Best Commission: Come to the Table: I'm most proud of this commission for First Presbyterian Church, Franklin. It is a conceptual piece depicting themes of hospitality, community and grace. It hangs in the church lobby near the front door.

Most Challenging Plein Air Painting: Beacons or Resilience - I'm so pleased with how well this one turned out. It was painted on the Michigan coast in March. The temp was 30f with blistering 15mph gusts of wind. My brother-in-law kept my easel from blowing away as I painted.

Most Experimental: Daily Prayer 3- I was pleased how nicely my daily prayer acrylics on paper turned out. It was a great exercise. I hope to do more of these in the future.

Most Put Together: Wait for the Lord - This painting combines the best of organic abstraction with theological conceptualism.

Most Recent and Most Fun to Paint: For Unto Us A Child Is Born - The last posted painting of 2017. I had a lot of fun painting abstract expressions of the music of Handel's Messiah this past month. This one was my favorite of the bunch.

A BIG THANK YOU to all of you who have supported me this past year. I thank you for your patronage, your encouragement and your wisdom. I look forward to creating more great things for you to enjoy in the year to come.

I invite you to take a look back over my posts from this past year. 
Which ones are your favorites?

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