Sunday, May 10, 2020

Holy Mother & Child

Holy Mother & Child
8"x10" Oil on Panel
What was Mary like as a mother? What was Jesus like as a toddler? These are some questions that I love to explore with imagination and creativity. 
 I imagine Mary to be patient and understanding with Jesus. She had to raise a young child while attending the daily chores of a first century Jewish wife. I would imagine her to be inclusive, and allow her child to explore and discover the wonders of the World.
 I imagine a toddler Jesus to be inquisitive and full of joy. Like most toddlers, Jesus might have been very curious and playful. He might have wanted to participate in his mother's busy life.
 In honor of Mother's day, I have painted a scene illustrating what Mary and Jesus might have been like together in those days. 
 In this painting, Mary is tending to the daily chore of making bread for the family. As she shapes the dough into small loaves, she lovingly lets Jesus "help". In typical toddler fasion, Jesus plays with the dough. He pulls the dough appart and lifts it up to the light as if he is offering thanks and breaking bread. Perhaps he is mimicking their family traditions around the dinner table. 
 The water jar next to Mary alludes to Jesus' first miracle where He turns jars of water into wine—a unique and intimate story which gives us insight into their relationship.
 I hope you enjoy this little work of imaginative play. It is my way celebrating all mothers and expressing gratitude for their sacrifice, patience, and love.
 Happy Mother's Day!

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