Friday, January 11, 2013


6"x6" Oil on Gessoed Panel
with Palette Knife

"What are you painting next, Dad?" 
That's the question my kids ask me every day now.  They look forward to coming home from school to discover what I've painted for the day. My youngest daughter, who is an aspiring painter herself,  has been asking me for a couple of days to paint a hummingbird, her new favorite animal. So, here is a little labor of love in honor of my daughter.


  1. Sweet! I miss my hummingbirds! My favorite bird, for sure!

  2. Hey Mike - how fun to have your kids looking forward to each painting - these are memories they won't ever forget about their DAD. Cool! I love this little hummy - your palette knife work is exquisite! What ARE you going to paint next? Paint on!