Saturday, May 18, 2013


16"x20" Oil on Canvas
with Palette Knife

It was Easter Sunday. The service was concluding with the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel's MessiahI had planned to sing along. Having sung it for many years, the song is very familiar to me. But God silenced my mouth that day and encouraged me to listen. I closed my eyes and let my entire being embrace the music. The talented musicians and passionate voices filled my soul like wind filling the sail of a ship, carrying me away to an encounter with God. 

I saw a vision of Heaven—a vast space filled with glorious light. I was part of a landscape of souls. There were countless people, all singing and giving praise to Christ. We were all singing because we all shared the same experience. We had all been redeemed by our merciful and loving savior. There was no more judgement or disagreement for we had all been made one by grace. That reality produced an overwhelming song of "Hallelujah." Lifted up in the crowd was our beautiful savior. The one who had conquered sin and death for our sake was allowing us to praise him with all of our love and gratitude. 

Then I saw how that kingdom manifests itself in the reality of our world. People loving one another and caring for each other.  I saw the world as perhaps God sees it. Beautiful. Diverse. Delicate. Its broken places being mended with compassion and love. "The Kingdom of this world is become the Kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ. And He shall reign for ever and ever."

It was a moment that brought me to tears.

I never expected to have an experience like that. Perhaps it was the choir and the musicians putting their all into the music. Perhaps it was the composition and the words. But there's no doubt that it was a God moment. 


  1. Your painting is wonderful! I'm glad you had such an experience that inspired the painting. Visions are wonderful. The Lord speaks to me that way a lot, especially if I ask Him to.

    God bless the work of your hands!


  2. Love this painting! (Thanks for your comment on my challenge paintings, BTW!) I have only looked at a couple of your paintings so far, but sure like them. I will be watching your work. Have a great time with the challenge.

  3. Absolutely beautiful. Being able to give your skills back to the Lord is the ultimate gift, isn't it? (Bezalel.)

    1. Thank you. Yes. It certainly is my greatest joy to paint for the Lord.