Thursday, May 9, 2013


8"x10" Oil on Canvas Panel
with Palette Knife

We all could use a little break—some time away from our every-day responsibilities. For me, the best retreat is to be outdoors near water. The gentle breezes, the warm sunlight, the sound of cascading water—they all renew me and bring my soul closer to the heartbeat of God. 

In my life, there is a special place for retreat. It is Camp NaCoMe, in Pleasntville, TN. Our family goes there for camps and church retreats annually. This year's spring retreat was all about embracing God's gifts. I am thankful to God for so many gifts. Like a running stream, God's grace continues to run over our pebbled hearts. God's gifts to us are abundant and freely given.

This is a plein-air painting of the creek that runs through the heart of Camp NaCoMe. It is a reminder to me of just how revitalizing it is to unplug from our technology and connect with our loving, giving, living God.

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