Friday, January 3, 2014

The Catch

6"x6" Oil on Gessoed Panel
with Palette Knife

Today was a bitter cold January day. So, my artist's eye went fishing for warmer inspiration. Today's painting comes from a photograph taken from one of my plein air adventures last summer.

On the day I was painting in the Elk River, there was a fly fisherman near by. He learned how to use the fly rod from a troop of Boy Scouts years ago and has been fishing that way ever since. My wife caught a great photo of him scooping up a nice trout. As I painted the sunset on the river, the man said to my wife, "I've seen a LOT of things in this river, but I haven't seen ANYONE paint."—another testament to why plein air painting is so special. 

I love the grace and elegance of fly fishing. I suppose it brings a therapeutic serenity similar to that of painting. I guess, in a way, were are both fishermen—standing in the middle of the river—sharing a peaceful passion to bring in a good catch.


  1. Love it. I hope someday my fishing paintings can have as much life as this one.

  2. Love your color palette! I was very surprised to see you painted this with a palette knife when I viewed the small thumbnail image on Leslie's blog. Great job! Best wishes for the January Challenge and new year!

  3. Wonderful movement in the water expressed with thick, juicy paint! Beautiful :)