Thursday, September 4, 2014

Holy Cow!

6"x6" Oil on Panel
with Palette Knife

Cows are interesting subjects to paint. This shapes are so different. For most of the painting process, they just look like random blobs of paint. You just have to keep chipping away at it and then… HOLY COW! All of the sudden, you have a great painting.  

Throughout the month, I will be painting subjects related to bringing awareness for Heifer Internaitonal. Heifers were the first animals to be donated by the organization. Heifers are young female cattle that haven't had their first calf yet. A good cow can give plenty of milk for families to drink, make cheese, share or sell. The money a family makes by selling milk can help them go to school, visit their doctor, improve their house or buy better clothes.

Heifer International has a policy of "paying it forward." Once a receiving family has a new calf born to them, they give it to another family in the community. So, you can begin to see how these animals contribute to the welfare of a whole community. 

Holy cow, indeed!

I hope you take a moment to visit the Heifer Internaitonal website and learn more about ending world hunger "The Heifer Way."


  1. Holy cow! Look at those brush strokes and the colors! Fantastic job, Mike! Truly well done!

    1. Many thanks, Robert. Best of luck with your 30!