Saturday, March 4, 2017

40 Days: Day 3: Wilderness

5"x7" Acrylic on Paper
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For those of you taking on spiritual disciplines for Lent, I have questions for you. Is the Honeymoon over yet? Are you tempted to break those commitments you have made for the season? Do you feel more like you're wrestling with your will to stay disciplined? Does the struggle with Lenten disciplines remind you of the way you struggle with sin? 

You're not alone. Everyone feels that way at some point in the journey. Some wrestle with these feelings every day. Since the first temptation in the garden, humans have struggled to live up to their potential as God's people. Even Christ.

Every temptation is a challenge to our identity. It is that moment when we want to be our own god and be in control of our own lives. We forget that we are human—dust creatures, lovingly made in the image of God. 

Our lives belong to God. We are totally dependent upon God for our existence and sustenance. We are broken and in need of repair and salvation. And God has big plans for us.

We are made in the mage of God. That's something special to consider. Too often we excuse our failures to temptation with the phrase "I'm only human." Jesus showed us how to be "Fully Human." He showed us our potential as a people made in the image of God.

So don't let the temptations and failures define you. You are a beloved child of God in need of God's grace. You are never alone. Let's follow the way of Christ. Let's move forward together in humility and gratitude as people of God.

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