Thursday, December 20, 2018

Advent Intimacy

Joseph Listens for Jesus
Digital Illustrations for 
Rejoice! Advent Meditations with Mary
Video Series
by Ascension Press

One of the sweetest moments during my wife's pregnancy was the privilege to rest my head on her belly and listen for our baby to kick and move. We even had a home device where we could hear the swishing of the baby's heartbeat. I suspect Joseph and Mary had similar experiences. These two images, show an intimate family scene. Joseph rests his head on Mary and listens for Jesus as Mary lovingly runs her fingers through Joseph's hair.

May we also pause to listen for Jesus. God desires intimate prayer with us. God wants a close communion with us, not just a one-sided list of complaints and wants. Relationship is what Emmanuel, "God with Us," is all about. God wants us to come close and listen for the heartbeat of LOVE. God want us to wait, expectantly, to feel the kick, punch and squirm of God's GRACE.

May we strive to draw nearer to God in such ways this season—and always.

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