Thursday, December 5, 2019

ADVENT: Signs and Wonders

Digital Illustration for 
Rejoice! Advent Meditations with Joseph
Video Series
by Ascension Press

In this digital illustration, Joseph gazes at the wonders of the night sky. It would be hard to know what he thought of the starry sky, but one thing is certain. Joseph would see the stars and remember a God who keeps God's promises.

Remember when God told Abraham to look up to the sky and try to count the stars. "So will be the number of your descendants," God said. And Abraham became the father of nations, and ultimately, a forefather of Christ.

Today, we may see stars for their scientific wonder and the vastness of the cosmos. We may even ponder the greatness of the God who created such marvels. But we can also look to the night sky like Joseph—remembering that God is a God of promises and that God can be trusted to keep them.

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